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Custom Paracord Belt Pouch

Custom Paracord Belt Pouch

My Available Colors

I suggest contacting me if you'd like to custom order one of these pouches, as there many options. You can do that by emailing me at or messaging me on Etsy or social media.

Order Directions: choose a weave type between snake knots or mated cobra weave. If you chose snake knots, choose two colors. If you chose the mated cobra, choose three colors. Then, include the size of the item you'd like to carry in the pouch.

Note: the mated cobra weave is less customizable with its size, while the snake knot pouch can be fine-tuned to the size you require.

Carry various tools right on your belt! Choose your colors and then your size for the tool to which you would like quick access.

Small (8 columns): fits only a lighter, pepper spray, or other small tool.

Medium (9-11 columns): Fits larger tools, like scissors, a screwdriver, or pistol magazine.

Large (12 columns): this is for specific tools like pruning shears or a large pistol magazine.

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