Another Paracord Ammuntion Holder!

Another Paracord Ammuntion Holder!

I made another ammunition holder type and finalized it! This holder has plastic buckles and wraps around the barrel of a gun, right after the trigger guard. It'll hold 5 hunting caliber-sized rounds like 30/06, or 3 to 4 shotgun shells depending on gauge. Both the holder itself and the shockcord loops are adjustable. Due to the thickness of the paracord, this holder can block the iron sights, so a scope might be needed to aim your rifle with this holder.

The holder I'm showing in images I have on the shop, this blog, and social posts aren't quite what I want, but its not far from what you'll get if you order one of these. I'll be adding a second row of shockcord to further stabilize any types of large ammunition you'll want to carry in one of these holders. It'll also be shortened by two rows of snake knots. It currently sits at 6 columns by 18 rows of snake knots which is just slightly too big to offer any adjustment for different sized firearms. Ideally, it'll be 6 columns by 16 rows, which comes out to 96 mated snake knots. I may try a 5 or 4 column variation as well.

Going into next week, I'll be making a matching ammunition holder, side-of-the-barrel ammunition holder, and no-drill rifle sling set. I may try using mated snake knots to build the rifle sling.

Also, I just posted my third weekly video on youtube! Check it out if you'd like to see what other items I added to my shop this week.

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