Are all your materials made in the USA?

Currently all my latch hooks, carabiners, and rectangle rings are of unknown or Chinese origin. All my cord of various types are USA-made. All my slings use USA-made hardware.

Why use a sling for my bow or rifle?

For a rifle, a well fitted and adjusted two-point sling can help with aiming by keeping the stock pressed firmly against your shoulder. Most importantly, a sling for a rifle, bow, or crossbow prevents expensive, damaging drops and also keeps your hands free.  

Do you make bulk orders, like hundreds of custom key chains, bracelets, etc?

Yes, of course! You can contact me through this store's contact page and I'll quote you a price for the number of items you're looking to have made.

How fast do you finish custom orders?

At this time, it can take up to a week to ship out an order.

What do you accept for payment?

This store accepts apple pay, meta pay, google pay, venmo, paypal, bitcoin and all major credit cards.

Do you sell locally?

I do. I sell at craft shows around my area (Alpena or Alcona, Michigan) as well as at a weekly Saturday farmers market in Alcona county.

Is paracord a good material for crafting? 

The short answer is yes. Most of my items incorporate 550 Paracord, which means a single strand has the tensile strength of at least 550 pounds. This, combined with weaving gives all of my products an incredible amount of strength.

Do you sew all of your own webbing straps? 

Yes, all on a sewing machine with polyester thread.