Happy New Year!

The second week of the new year is nearly over, and I hope it's been a great start to the new year.

I am going recount some of my favorite things I made and remembered to take pictures of in 2023. 

To start, in May of 2023 I tied some globe knots around corks, and then finished the key chain with a square knot and a key ring, creating boat keychains. I hope to add a cork sphere option this year. This item has been extremely popular at in-person markets. 


Second up is the product with my favorite color combination. This was a herringbone-stitched cobra lanyard made with blue and black 550 paracord, then stitched with white microcord. This combination of colors made a stunning lanyard.


This next item was technically ordered the last day of the year, but made in the new year, but I'm including it in this blog post anyways. This third item is a dog leash made with the Kara Yatsu weave and then finished with two footrope knots; the colors are white and maroon for the sides, and urban camo for the middle, which ended with a very fancy leash. This also means that my listing for these leashes has been updated with new images and better instructions.


The last item is the paracord eyeglass retainer. This item was created only because someone from Gab Social reached out and asked if I could recreate a similar product with American-made materials. Thus, the paracord eyeglass retainer began. I've used these myself while foraging in the woods, walking the husky, or while doing any semi-active outdoor activity.


This blog will be the place I give updates and changes to the store; while social media will remain exclusive for marketing. I may start posting non-paracord things, like the mushrooms and plants I find on my foraging trips, a nice nature picture, or something I've grown. 

Thanks for reading and God bless your new year!

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