New Leash Designs With Static Cord

New Leash Designs With Static Cord

I've added a new variety of pet leash to the store this week! You can find all leashes here.

These new leashes use an extremely strong cord called static cord. A quarter-inch cord can hold up to 1800 pounds before breaking. Each of these leashes are first sewed together and then finished with your choice of paracord: microcord, 95, or 550. You can choose the length, colors, and knots you would like you leash to have.

Maggie the husky has now had four 30 minute walks with one of these leashes and the knot work hasn't budged (and she's a really bad puller especially when she sees deer running around). Like the rest of the collars and leashes I offer, these leashes are husky tested and approved.

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