Paracord Ammuntion Holders: The First of Many New Paracord Firearm Accessories

Paracord Ammuntion Holders: The First of Many New Paracord Firearm Accessories

Today I released the large version of the normal sized mated snake knot ammunition holder. It's made with over 150 feet of 550 paracord. It has 15 columns of snake knots or 15 different strands of paracord. 29 rows of snake knots are then mated together to form the main body of the ammunition holder. That means I tied over 435 snake knots for this holder!

This holder is large enough to stack 20 gauge shells on top of each other (4.5 inches). This will hold up to 13 large rifle rounds like 30/06. Since shells are much larger than rifle rounds you can only hold 11 20 gauge shells (potentially fewer for larger shells). 

I tried some other experiments with this holder. For the back strap, I tried some different things, such as the wide solomon bar or more mated snake knots. These didn't work, or just didn't look good, so in the end I went back to the fishtail weave. Some successful experiments is the use of a rope thimble as a solid place on which to latch a sling. This would work with an HK-style clip or MASH hook.

I'd still like to experiment more with the back strap. A simple solution for a mostly covered back would be crossing back and forth with coreless 550. Also stay tuned for a small ammunition holder that will hitch around the barrel of a rifle or shotgun.

This is also my first blog post! This will serve as a place to put my thoughts on new products and announced sales and special promotions. I'm sure there will be other things here as well, like my weekly youtube video that recounts the things I've made in a week.

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