Shockcord Ammunition Holders and Future Plans

Shockcord Ammunition Holders and Future Plans

I've released a shockcord (elastic version of paracord) option on my large paracord ammunition holders this week. These use shockcord in place of 550 paracord to keep the holder tight around a gun's stock. This means there is overall less cord to hide behind the holder once you're done tightening.

This week I'll be building my two other holder types with shockcord instead of 550 paracord. These will use a tapered design instead of being square blocks of mated snake knots.

Then, I have a third idea to attach these ammunition holders: nylon webbing. By leaving holes in two parts of the main body of snake knots, I should be able to weave nylon webbing through these holes to act as clean, adjustable straps. I'm not sure if I'll need to use some special locking slider, or if my current metal slides will work for this. I may also experiment with nylon webbing straps as a way of doing the retaining back strap.

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