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Some Changes For Spring!

Spring is nearly here, so I'm making some new changes to the website. I've added a better review app to the store. Additionally, I've added a referral and points-based reward system app to the store. You and the customer you refer will each receive $5 off your entire order when the referred person makes his or her first purchase.

There has been a few changes to my products as well. There will be some new already-made fishtail lanyards listed today, but these lanyards were made with a slightly refined technique. The fishtail weave, when used to make lanyards, likes to twist around itself, but I fixed that by soaking the finished lanyard in water and then ironing it. This will increase processing time for fishtail lanyards and the price is also increasing slightly as well. Fishtail lanyards also now have microcord and 95-cord center stitching.

Lastly, North Creek Paracord's rifle sling prices must increase. The material cost per sling is rising steadily; slings are by far the most materially and time intensive item on the catalog, therefore the price must increase.

Thanks for reading, and have a good start to spring! Happy Easter!

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