sanctified covenant paracord weave

New Game Call Lanyard Variations!

Since the new year, my shop has been doing well with selling paracord lanyards. So, this week I've added several new game call lanyards weave options.

This week, I've modified my Soloman's Dragon Game Call Lanyard listing to include more variations of the sanctified weave for neckbands. In the future, I may have full sanctified game call lanyards which will use over 80 feet of 550 paracord.

sanctified_covenant neckbands
I've also added a new interweave option to cobra lanyards: general lanyards and game call lanyards. This is a length of 550 paracord that weaves down the middle of the cobra weave. 
cobra lanyard with 550 middle interweave
I'll be making more—and experimenting a little bit with—lanyards as the week finishes up. All of them will be on this shop as premade items which are always 10% off.

Got any recommendations for color schemes I should use in lanyards? Feel free to comment below!
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