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Custom Paracord Cobra Game Call Lanyard

Custom Paracord Cobra Game Call Lanyard

Order Instructions: choose up to four colors. The first and second colors will be the first cobra weave. The third and fourth color will be the double cobra neck weave. If you chose a interweave option, refer to the Cobra Interweaves image to find the number of extra colors you can choose.

Note: you can also specify custom length in the box above (default: 32", 16" on each side). There are other listings for additional loops in cobra, fishtail, and kumihimo varieties.

Keep all your game calls organized with these handy lanyards! This lanyard type carries two game calls for deer, fowl, or predator hunting. Game call lanyards can also be used to carry GPS devices and other tools used in the field for hunting and fishing. All my lanyards are professionally and meticulously handmade with USA-made paracord. The lanyard is woven in a cobra weave, then the neck portion is woven over again to create a thicker double cobra.


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Double Cobra Neck Band
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